So with the 7th September 2020 being my intended due date for baby Hope, I have been thinking and researching different sentimental ways in which my partner and I can remember her. Celebrate her short yet meaningful existence. A lot of things have gone through my mind whilst looking into this, the main one being... Continue Reading →

You have probably clicked on this post thinking to yourself, what can something so negative possibly teach you. How can a negative experience create positive things in your life? Well with every negative, there is always a positive, or a silver lining so to speak. Having a miscarriage is no exception. Don't get me wrong... Continue Reading →

Did you know 1 in 4 women who fall pregnant either suffer a miscarriage, still birth or neonatal birth? I bet you didn't realise how common it was right? But if something so life changing as this is so common, then why aren't more women talking and opening up about their experiences? Knowledge is power... Continue Reading →

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