Quarantine Feels

Being in quarantine or isolated at this time can be extremely difficult.  Especially for those who have mental health issues or suffer from anxiety and depression.  What we see on the news and hear on the radio can be somewhat daunting at the best of times and now it is just heightened a thousand times... Continue Reading →


How many times are you physically present in a room but not really present?  How many times has a loved one spoken to you and you not heard a single word?  So many of us go through life with our eyes and ears shut, not really taking in what is around us, not really appreciating... Continue Reading →

Self Sabotage

Sounds crazy right?  Why would anyone sabotage their own life?  But what if you were doing so and you din't even know it?  When a negative experience has happened in your life it is so easy to tarnish every experience and person with the same brush.  Meaning you not only find it so hard to... Continue Reading →

All the Single Ladies…

Attention strong independent Women! If you are are looking for the ‘ONE’ and think you may never find him.... Do not ever compromise! Do not ever settle! You deserve nothing but the best, always. Not just sometimes, not just when he has time for you, ALWAYS! It can be very easy to settle and forget your... Continue Reading →

Packing up

Before my adventures begin around the world.  I must pack up what I plan to leave behind, or dispose of the things I no longer need.  Looking around me everything within the house I still currently live in all holds precious memories.  From articles of clothing to books or souvenirs from holidays.  Every object I... Continue Reading →

Going Forward

When something horrific happens in your life, you automatically start to question whether it was you that caused it to happen. Of course that is the natural thing to do, and everyone does it. However when a major life changing event happens to us, there are two ways you can deal with it. One, sit and... Continue Reading →

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