As many of you know I do like to keep up with the madness that is going on in the world, and lately there has just been too many things that just don't add up with this Covid lark that I just can't not speak about and voice my opinion on. This post is a... Continue Reading →

So with the 7th September 2020 being my intended due date for baby Hope, I have been thinking and researching different sentimental ways in which my partner and I can remember her. Celebrate her short yet meaningful existence. A lot of things have gone through my mind whilst looking into this, the main one being... Continue Reading →

With so much going on in the world, life changing every single second, and the media controlling our mindset and way of thinking, it is important to keep perspective. There are lots of things that as humans we tend to worry about, and often that is because our perspective on a certain event or topic... Continue Reading →

Why is it that women don't feel they can talk about miscarriage and baby loss? After speaking to women who have gone through similar to what I have it has come to light there are way to many people out there that just don't understand us women that have lost a child. This then leaves... Continue Reading →

In February the whole world pretty much shut down due to a worldwide pandemic, the Coronavirus. This meant more of us than ever were forced to stay inside, interact with friends and family less and therefore spend a lot more time within our own space, within our own minds. A lot of the time, if... Continue Reading →

You have probably clicked on this post thinking to yourself, what can something so negative possibly teach you. How can a negative experience create positive things in your life? Well with every negative, there is always a positive, or a silver lining so to speak. Having a miscarriage is no exception. Don't get me wrong... Continue Reading →

Did you know 1 in 4 women who fall pregnant either suffer a miscarriage, still birth or neonatal birth? I bet you didn't realise how common it was right? But if something so life changing as this is so common, then why aren't more women talking and opening up about their experiences? Knowledge is power... Continue Reading →

250,000 women a year.

250,000 women a year, that is a quarter of a million women.  That there is the amount of women in the UK that experience a miscarriage per year.  Yet I bet if you are reading this you never knew the number was so high.  I didn't either, until I became one of those statistics. This... Continue Reading →

Back Home…Where I belong.

After much deliberation I decided living in Australia on a permanent basis was just not for me, well not at the moment anyways.  Don't get me wrong it is a stunning country, but it really is just that when you are not there with the people you hold most dear.  After Living in Perth for... Continue Reading →


Time.  The one thing in our lives we all think we have plenty of.  How often do you hear people say "I'll do that tomorrow" or "I'm not ready for that yet".  People try to delay things in their lives because they think there will always be time, there will always be tomorrow.  When in... Continue Reading →


Saying goodbye to people you love is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Knowing you will not see or touch someone for a long period of time is something I have never had to deal with before. Leaving my family on Saturday was such a surreal feeling and it did... Continue Reading →

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