Controversial Covid

As many of you know I do like to keep up with the madness that is going on in the world, and lately there has just been too many things that just don’t add up with this Covid lark that I just can’t not speak about and voice my opinion on. This post is a little different to that of my normal posts, however I think you will find it interesting and if anything I hope it will help you maybe question a few things that are going on in the world and open your eyes up to the bigger picture. And for those of you that are already thinking I am mad, don’t worry I will back my views up with actual facts, as I know the select few don’t like to entertain views that differ from theirs, without some kind of news/fact based evidence.

So lets start from the beginning the virus supposedly reached the United Kingdom back in January 2020, however there have been unconfirmed reports of this maybe being earlier. I mean after all, we would never know if the virus was actually here over the winter or not, as it could have quite easily been mistaken for the common cold/flu. And if you were actually showing symptoms at the end of 2019/beginning of January the NHS would have had no way of actually telling you it was Covid, as a test was not even in circulation at this time. I don’t doubt for a second there were cases earlier than January and people were being misdiagnosed as either the flu or pneumonia.

As of now the 17th September 2020 there has been 378,219 recorded cases of Covid 19 in the whole of the UK, remember these are only the recorded cases. And to date there have been 41,684 deaths. Another factor to consider is that there are most likely people who have the virus, and are technically a ‘case’ but they will never be recorded in these stats because they are either asymptomatic or they do not have strong enough symptoms for them to recognise and get a test, therefore meaning they will not become a statistic. This means in the United Kingdom only 11% of the confirmed cases actually died, and on top of that 90% of those who did die had underlying health conditions or were over 60 years old. So 11% is pretty high right? Let me put this into perspective for you.

The number of flu cases in the UK is not really recorded as we don’t get tested for the flu, this kind of begs the question, why are we getting tested for Covid then? But I will get onto that later. However I have come across something some of you may find interesting, the below link is a study done by the ONS (Office for National Statistics). Take a look and see for yourself how vague some of their recordings are. Also note they actually state these are deaths ‘involving‘ Coronavirus. They also state and I quote,

Whilst, we are unable to provide all of the data requested as part of the Freedom of Information regime, we can provide our publication deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, which includes figures for deaths by all respiratory diseases and COVID-19.  Flu and Pneumonia are included within respiratory diseases and data is available from w/e 3rd January in the 2020 data set. The previous versions tab will provide data for 2019.


Along with the national lockdown in the uk at the beginning of this year, we were actually told at the start of the pandemic we should not wear masks as they gave us little to no protection against the virus, especially when not used correctly. But.… fast forward to the end of September 2020 and it is compulsory to wear a mask pretty much everywhere you go. Why? What changed? When first mentioning masks, the government actually said to not wear them as there was no scientific evidence to suggest they actually help. Now correct me if I am wrong, but surely it does not take a scientist to realise that wearing a face covering correctly will of course prevent droplets of saliva spreading when you sneeze or cough? We didn’t need a scientist to confirm that, it is pretty much common sense, right? This then leads me to believe the government at first told us not to wear masks as they were in fear the general public would buy up PPE that they wanted to go to the NHS and other professions that urgently required masks. We were only told to start wearing masks on public transport etc once the whole PPE crisis was back in control, and there were a lot more companies manufacturing masks and PPE. So if masks are really that affective, why were we not told to wear them at the height of the infection rate? This has nothing to do with whether or not there was scientific evidence, NHS staff wear masks every single day, even before covid. There has always been scientific evidence that if you wear a mask and sneeze or cough the droplets will of course travel a shorter distance. Hence why they are worn in hospitals and have been worn for a considerable amount of time.

This then brings me on to a point I made recently with regards to masks. It is now compulsory to wear a mask in pretty much all social situations outside of the home. However masks are only affective if they are used correctly, put on correctly, the users hands are washed or sanitised prior to use, they are not touched during use and finally if they are touched during use the user should then be washing or sanitising their hands before doing anything else. Now this begs the question, does the whole population actually know this? And are they actually doing it? I know the answer to both of them questions is NO, as I see it first hand every single day, and a lot of the time it is a pretty rigorous procedure to ensure these measures are kept up. I am all for mask wearing in certain situations, for example when using public transport and when spending pro longed time on an aeroplane. These are both situations whereby you are in extremely close contact with others around you, and wearing a mask, whether correctly or with slight deviations from the rules will give the user a small amount of protection when being in a confined space. However the use of masks when entering a restaurant, bar, cinema, theme park just makes little to no sense to me. Let me help explain.

So last night I went out for a meal, and I soon realised there is a few huge huge flaws in wearing a mask inside a restaurant and this whole track and trace system. Firstly masks are most affective when they are sterile, your hands must be washed prior to putting one on, and there is really no point putting your mask in your handbag without some kind of case or bag protecting it from the bacteria from your phone and keys. So picture this, I walk into the Harvester no mask on, obviously it’s a place where I am planning to eat, why the hell would I need a mask? Anyways. This is what should really happen to prevent any kind of cross contamination etc. I should get out of my car, sanitise my hands, put my mask on that has come from a protective bag or case, walk into the Harvester still with my mask on, keep my distance from everyone inside, walk to my table which is less than 100m from the front door and with nobody else around, sit down, sanitise my hands again prior to taking my mask off, put my mask back into its protective bag. AND THENNNN….. touch all of the menus and table and chairs, sanitise my hands again! Put my mask on to walk to the salad bar at which a member of Harvester Staff has to serve me from, touch the bowls in which they then hand me and we are not socially distanced, walk back to my table again where there is nobody around me at all, put the plates on the table, sanitise my hands again, so I can take my mask off, put my mask into its bag, then finally eat. And of course have to repeat this every single time I go to leave the table for whatever reason. Now you tell me, if everyone will be following this rigorous procedure? And you tell me has the government actually explained how to not cross contaminate your mask? And obviously because the government hasn’t said this, half of the population won’t do it because the government hasn’t asked, then they don’t need to follow!

Secondly, this new ‘track and trace’ system. So to begin with the people most at risk of catching this virus will most likely not have smart phones to scan these QR codes into, nor will they be up to speed with how they even work. I am only just up to speed haha! Secondly restaurants, pubs and bars are not making you scan it. Therefore how can the government expect accurate statistics if not everywhere is following the rules religiously. The governments statistics will be based on false bias pieces of information. I can guarantee you 90% of those around me in the Harvester last night did not take part in the track and trace lark. And that is just one restaurant. How many others are doing the same ? I can guarantee you a fair few!

All in all, I think wearing a mask especially when you are taking it off and on so much is certainly not affective in ensuring you are not potentially putting the virus dangerously close to your face. If anything it is increasing your chances of getting harmful viruses and bacteria close to your face. Is this maybe what the government wants? More cases ? Something to think about that is for sure.

Finally, to conclude this madness, you would have for sure seen the government ramping up their scaremongering tactics lately as we head into the winter months. Everything from trying to force us to have the flub jab, to the increasing number of new cases. Which by the way, we never actually are given the breakdown of these cases. How many of the new cases actually are experiencing symptoms? How many are asymptomatic? How many have underlying health issues? How many actually needed to be hospitalised? All questions the government and media of course will not disclose on the national news, because then we would not be scared! And that is what they want. I have already read articles about people beginning to stock pile again, I mean really? What causes this? The media! Scaremongering! All I am asking is that you keep an open mind to all of this, don’t just see the news and believe every word of it. More often than not there are facts hidden in there somewhere but they are clouded by an alternative motive, which then gets us all scared and worried about what exactly the future will hold. We must learn to live with this virus, just like we learn to live with many other contagious or life threatening health problems. It is not going away anytime soon, so enjoy your life as much as you can with these barbaric restrictions and remember there really is more to life than being worried about dieing from Covid!

I will leave you with this, how many of you come into your home after being out and go straight to the sink to wash your hands before touching anything else in the house ? 

And if you have made it to the end of this blog post, thank you 🙂

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