Remembering your baby on their intended due date.

So with the 7th September 2020 being my intended due date for baby Hope, I have been thinking and researching different sentimental ways in which my partner and I can remember her. Celebrate her short yet meaningful existence. A lot of things have gone through my mind whilst looking into this, the main one being ‘I should be so pregnant right now, I should be excited and ready to welcome my bundle of joy into the world’. Writing those words alone is somewhat sad. I know she is out there somewhere inspiring me and guiding my thoughts, but I really do wish I could have seen her grow, watched her develop a personality, guide her through life. But sadly I can’t do that. I will never know anything about her. But one thing I will know is the love I have and will always have for her is like no other I have ever felt. When you find out your are pregnant from that moment on you feel a love like you have never ever felt before.

So for any other angel baby mums who are coming up to their intended due date and want to honour their little angel, I hope my post will help inspire you to create a memory or yearly thing whereby you remember your baby and keep their legacy going until one day we join them.

  1. Light a candle – I know it sounds really simple, but lighting a candle, putting on some calming music and sitting in silence is a great way to send out thoughts and healing to your little angel. I have even seen some really nice memorial candles and tea light holders on Etsy that can be personalised.
  2. Purchase a sentimental piece of jewellery – There are loads of things you could do here and tonnes of beautiful jewellery out there to choose from. I know a lady who’s friend actually brought her a pendant with her scan photo on, so she could wear it and always feel like her baby is with her. I love this idea, and had I had a clearer scan photo I would have most certainly got one of these. I have also seen a lovely ring in pandora that has a small diamond and angel wings on it, also a lovely piece of jewellery which could be worn as a subtle memorial piece. And finally a popular one is a piece of jewellery with your babies birth stone on, that could be from when you lost your baby or from when their intended birthdate was. Either way I really like this idea.
  3. Name a star – This is something a little different, however I really do like the idea of naming a little celestial after my angel. There are a few different places you can actually do this and a lot of the companies give you a nice little gift box with a certificate to say you have names your star. Something that would look nice on the mantle and a good talking point to always keep your babies memory alive.
  4. Release a balloon – Again another simple thing to do to honour your baby, however I thought how lovely it would be if a letter was attached to the ballon before releasing it. For example writing a letter to your baby on their birthday. Writing your thoughts and emotions and releasing them physically, can also help you deal with your emotions etc mentally.
  5. Plant a tree or flower – I think this has to be my absolute favourite idea. I really love the idea of purchasing a seed and planting it from scratch in memory of baby Hope. I can then watch the plant grow, nurture it and look after it as it becomes a fully pledged plant! Plus if you live in a flat like me, there are plenty of house plants that can be grown from scratch.

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