It’s ok, to Not be ok

In February the whole world pretty much shut down due to a worldwide pandemic, the Coronavirus. This meant more of us than ever were forced to stay inside, interact with friends and family less and therefore spend a lot more time within our own space, within our own minds. A lot of the time, if we are struggling with something in our lives, we use different things to distract ourselves and make ourselves forget about the actual problem or experience we are dealing with. For example, we may go through a break up, and to mask our feelings or emotions about this event in our lives, we would go out with friends and drink or party. However with everything being locked down for the past few months, it has been almost impossible to do what we would normally do to find comfort or feel better about ourselves. I certainly found it extremely difficult when the lockdown was announced. I had just been discharged from hospital after loosing my baby, and all I wanted to do more than anything in the world, was to socialise with my friends and family and have some kind of normality back. I wanted to try my best to distract my mind, and I have always done this throughout my life, it is kind of like my coping mechanism I guess. When this was taken away from me I found being alone for prolonged periods of time pretty tough. Being physically alone, can cause your mind to be led astray, it can cause stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

I found especially during the first few weeks of lockdown I was lacking hugely in motivation and will power, this is when I contacted the lovely Bridgette at ‘Wolf Urban Health Coaching’. I have known Bridgette for a few years now, and I was first directed her way when I returned from Australia in 2018. Although travelling really did help me to be a broader and more understanding individual, I was still struggling with battles in my mind from my breakup with my long term partner before I left. Bridgette helped me to begin to not only get my life back on track but my mind too. We had weekly sessions whereby she would listen to how I felt about certain situations and provide me with ways in which I could possibly overcome these fears or worries. Since meeting Bridgette back in 2018 I have had numerous sessions with her. When I have felt like my life has been crazy or not really going in the direction I would like it to go, she has always helped me to re centre and focus my energy back to myself. Now for all of you sceptics out there that don’t believe in counselling or speaking to a professional to help or change your mindset on life, Bridgette is not your typical health coach. You won’t be sat down and quizzed about your life, you won’t be constantly questioned why you feel a certain way. But instead you will be asked what you want out of the session, what you would like your life or current situation to be like. And then Bridgette will help to plant seeds in your mind to help manifest the life and future you would like. We are ultimately in charge of everything that is put in our path, and when you have a healthy mind you are able to focus more on yourself and what you would like your life to be like.

Wolf Urban Health Coaching is based in Essex, their mission is for everyone to ‘Live! Love! Learn! Grow!’ and knowing Bridgette personally, I know this mantra runs through her veins. Bridgette has been a health coach since 2000 and has worked for Womens Aid for 17 years, helping support women and their children fleeing domestic abuse.

Bridgette – Photographed by Ivon Marsh

If you are feeling a little alone, or lockdown has brought some issues or events to the surface of your mind, then the time to talk is now, and the person to go to is Bridgette at Wolf Urban. I will link Wolf Urban below if you would like to get in contact and begin your path to a happier and more successful life. If you are feeling a little lost, don’t know where to turn, how to change your life or start something new then Wolf Urban really is the best place to start.

Website –

Instagram – @wolfurban_healthcoaching

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