Are you sharing your life with the right people?

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are really sharing on social media?  Is the post you are writing or sharing something you really would like the world to know?  We are very much in a day and age where we feel as though everyone should know everything about us through means of social media.  But is this right?  By sharing certain aspects ie. a frozen in time moment with your loved one for example, we then are asking others to assume certain things about us, to build up a digital image of us and how they think we are as a person.  Subconsciously people then begin to build a picture of how they think we are feeling or what they think we are going through.  When in fact nobody has any right to do that.  For example, just because you share a post about anxiety, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from it personally.  Maybe you read the post and think sharing it to the world could mean someone who needs to read it will do.  However a lot of people would see you share this post and automatically think, “oh, she must be suffering from anxiety,”  this then leads the person to look into what could potentially be causing this anxiety, this means they look at other posts to formulate a idea in their own heads as to what that person is ‘going through’.  When in fact is any of what they have formulated from what they have read or seen actually true?  Most likely not.  How many times have you shared something slightly taboo, or controversial and moments later you have a message from someone you barely know asking you if you are ok?  Now think to yourself, this person that has messaged you, are they a close friend?  probably not, because if they were they would know there was no cause for concern, they are a close friend after all.  That person who has just messaged you is looking for information on your life.  They are digging for gossip, information on you, that you have not already shared with them because they are not a close friend.  So don’t fall into the trap of thinking they may actually care, because really when was the last time they actually messaged you?  Or have they ever messaged you?  Yes this person could genuinely care of course they could.  But realistically if they are not actively part of your life in the real world, not on social media, odds are they just want to find out something about your life.

I think it can be very easy to get wrapped up in the social media world, whereby we follow celebrities and try to find out everything about their lives, and then think it is ok to try and find out things about everyones lives.  When in fact it shouldn’t be ok to want to find out about nobodies life, your focus should be on your life.  Imagine the time you spend looking at other peoples lives, if that time was spent on your life, you could have learnt a new skill, or done something for you.  I know a lot of people will  turn round and say well if you don’t want people to question your life, then don’t have social media.  And ok this is a fair point, however many people have social media for them.  Not to look at others lives but to connect with their real friends and family.  And many people share photos, images or thoughts not for attention but to show loved ones far and wide what they have been doing, and to let them know they are safe.

So I will leave you with something to think about.  Is everyone on your friends list really your friend?  Do you really want them to have any insight on your life?  If the answer is no, maybe go through that list and re evaluate who you really want to share your life with.

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