How many times are you physically present in a room but not really present?  How many times has a loved one spoken to you and you not heard a single word?  So many of us go through life with our eyes and ears shut, not really taking in what is around us, not really appreciating what we truly have.  But how long do you live your life this way until you realise?

Time is the most precious thing we have.  It can never be reversed nor can it be stopped.  Therefore why do we live our lives like time is endless?  Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring or how much time we have left, so why spend time not being present?  In the blink of an eye everything can all be gone, flipped upside down overnight.

So show those you love them, don’t just tell them.  Think before you act or speak and just remember was the last thing you said to someone a positive thing?  If it wasn’t, change it.

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