Self Sabotage

Sounds crazy right?  Why would anyone sabotage their own life?  But what if you were doing so and you din’t even know it?  When a negative experience has happened in your life it is so easy to tarnish every experience and person with the same brush.  Meaning you not only find it so hard to trust new people that come into your life, but you have a negative outlook or view on something that may not have happened yet or may never happen.

How many times have you met someone new ladies and thought to yourself oh my god, this is the one!  Everything is going great until that serious talk happens, where you both discuss what you really want.  The moment the discussion starts you know where it is heading.  Of course he doesn’t want the same thing as you, of course he doesn’t want commitment, not many guys do!  That word alone is enough to scare them off and send them running for the hills!  But where does that leave you?  If like myself you always go into friendships/dating with the intention to want more, how will you ever get what you really want in your life?  Well I have learnt that applying too much pressure to something a friendship/relationship can sometimes scare people away.  Yes you know what you want but most people don’t, so you kind of have to show them what they are missing.  How do you do this? well to be honest I am still trying to master that haha!  But I have figured if you do things you love, do things for you.  Then you won’t find you need a man.  You will just want one.  So what is the difference?  Well… by doing things for you, things you love, things to better you, you will become self dependent.  You rely on nobody but yourself.  Leaving the right person to walk into your life at exactly the right moment, and you won’t depend on them, they just add to your life.  They fit in around your plans, your life.  Instead of doing what I seem to do when I like someone, just dropping everything, loosing who I am and doing everything for them.  This right here is what not to do.  You must always remain you and never change for anyone.  If you are not happy with something in a relationship tell them.  It can either be worked on or you both part ways.

Go with the flow ladies, be you and everything else will fall into place.  Don’t look at things in a negative light.  If things don’t work out, think to yourself what you learnt, what that person brought to you at a specific time in your life and then move on.  Because in years to come there will be a reason why that person crossed your path and you will be thankful for it.


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