Is Social Media Affecting our mental Health?

Social media is at the forefront of todays society, but is it affecting our health?  There are so many positive things that can come out of social media being used in our day to day lives.  Staying connected to loved ones being one of them.  However with social media being so easily accessible to the younger generation, how is it really affecting their health and mindset?  There are so many things in the social media world that can give younger people a false idea of life and the real world we live in.

It is becoming more and more common to be hearing of young women suffering with some kind of mental illness, anxiety or depression.  A lot of this can stem from how they look at themselves or how they think they should look in order to be accepted in society.  Instagram is notorious for photos of young women modifying their bodies, showing off their money and status.  What we have to remember girls, this is not real life for 90% of the population.  Yes celebrities and known icons will lead a different lifestyle to you.  Yes they will show off their money.  Yes they will have cosmetic surgery.  But you have to remember, everything that is posted on their instagrams is them looking their best.  Nobody can look or feel their absolute best every day, it’s just not possible.  What you are seeing on instagram is a snippet into someones life.  But just their happy times.  What we rarely see are people’s down days or messy hair no make up days.

Often us women compare ourselves to others and want to be like someone we maybe idolise or look up to.  What we have to remember is every single person who walks this earth is unique.  No two people are the same.  Therefore, knowing this alone should empower you to embrace everything you have and love every single thing about yourself.  Don’t get me wrong of course there will be parts of ourselves where we are not fully happy with.  But what is the point in allowing it to affect us?  When you love yourself, the love radiates from within and other people will see that and respect that.  if you do not love yourself, how can you possibly expect anyone else to?

If you feel that you are constantly trying to compare yourself to others and are being super harsh on yourself because you don’t look like the girls you see on instagram, take a social media break.  It is ok to take a break from it all, become more present in the real world, the here and now.  Social media has made us all a very nosey generation, therefore meaning we feel the need to be on social media every day of our lives.  But over time Instagram and Facebook could be affecting your overall mental health.

I am very active on all social media platforms and I rarely post photos of me not looking my best.  Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to show the world when they look and feel great!

Remember ladies.  Don’t compare yourself.  You are beautiful and unique and should never feel the need to change for anybody.

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