All the Single Ladies…

Attention strong independent Women! If you are are looking for the ‘ONE’ and think you may never find him…. Do not ever compromise! Do not ever settle! You deserve nothing but the best, always. Not just sometimes, not just when he has time for you, ALWAYS! It can be very easy to settle and forget your own expectations in the midst of desperately searching for that special someone to settle down with. Don’t forget about you! You are the most important person in the world and nobody on this earth will love you the way you love yourself. If you are not happy with something or you expect to be treated better, you have to change that scenario, not anyone else, not him, you!

Although we may think it at times ladies you will never change how a man truly thinks or feels. There has been countless times I have gone into something knowing the other person is damaged in some way. But I thought I could change that. I thought I could make them happier, make them feel better, make them change, but I couldn’t . By doing this you will only bring your own energy down. Not only by giving your absolute all and receiving nothing in return, but by surrounding yourself with a negative person and constant negative energy.  Negativity is contagious and if you are spending a lot of time around someone who is constantly negative, you will soon feel your normal happy self, fading away into a negative self.  This is not you!  You are a happy and positive soul, do not let someone else’s energy dampen yours.  It is very easy to allow someone to change you and in a sense brain wash you into thinking lowering your standards is ok.  It is not!  In everything you do, you should be doing it because you want to do it, never do things just to please someone else.  Always remember is someone chooses to leave you, that is not your fault, you could not have done anything more, you could not have changed the outcome.  The future and what it has in store for us is inevitable.  We have to use every experience we have as a learning one.  Take whatever positives we can from it and move forward. 

Something I like to use to help motivate myself is doing everything I possibly can for myself making me feel good and look good.  You never know when you are going to meet the ‘one’ or in fact cross paths with someone you maybe thought was that ‘one’ again.  And if it is someone you have already been with, imagine that feeling if you see them out and you are looking the best you have ever been, gleaming with positive energy.  They will most likely feel so foolish for letting you go, but by that time you would have long moved on and already become a better person.  

So how do you get what you really want then?  Well ask of course!  It can’t be that simple I can feel a lot of you thinking.  Well as the saying goes, ‘you don’t ask then you don’t get.’  A perfect analogy I was told recently is the perfect example of this. So take this scenario for example. You go on a date with a guy, he brings you a bunch of lilies. You turn to him and say ‘wow they are beautiful, I love them’ but really, you are thinking ‘o god I hate lilies’. How will he ever know you don’t like lilies? He won’t! So therefore chances are every time he buys you flowers he will get you lilies. Such a simple analogy but it can be used on such a bigger scale. If you are not happy with your Man ladies or if you are not happy with someone you are seeing, how they are acting, how they are treating you. Tell them! Yes it may mean you have an argument or never see them again, but that is ok. Why would you want to be with someone if you are not truly being yourself? It is better to lay down how you feel at the beginning. If the guy doesn’t like it so be it. He isn’t the right person for you. Yes it can knock you back, yes it can make you feel like you may never find someone. But you will. Just make sure he is the right one. And not someone you got into the habit of compromising and lowing your standards for, only to be let down constantly.

Personally I am not a lover of being single. But having said that being single is constantly teaching me so much about myself, it is showing me I can do things I never thought I would be able to do, alone.

Just remember ladies, whenever you feel like all hope is lost, hold your head high and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved, what you have learnt. Never let someone else control your emotions and never let the way someone has treated you affect how you treat others.

You got this girl!! 

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