Back Home…Where I belong.

After much deliberation I decided living in Australia on a permanent basis was just not for me, well not at the moment anyways.  Don’t get me wrong it is a stunning country, but it really is just that when you are not there with the people you hold most dear.  After Living in Perth for a few months I realised that the most important things in life are Family and friends.  Without them life can seem pretty lonely.  Yes they are always there to talk to, but face timing someone is just not the same as being with them physically, having lunch with them, really being with them.  I am sure one day I will return to the land down under, but maybe just for a holiday.  Living away for so long has taught me that you could be anywhere in the world but the times you treasure and remember the most are the moments you have had and will have with those closest to you.  Think about it, when you are telling someone about an experience most of the time what makes the story is those you were with at the time, not the place you were in.  Connections with others really are everything.  A place could be so beautiful but feel so empty, if you do not have anyone to share it with.

Now having been back home in Essex for 3 months, I decided to focus more on myself and where I want to be in my life.  I found a flat and only recently moved in!  Not going to lie the thought of having nobody else to rely on but myself was a little bit of a daunting thought at first, but I done it. And I done it without relying on anyone but myself.  To some this may be such a small achievement but for me it was a real step to me progressing forward with my life as a independent women.  I have also been regularly attending hypnotherapy sessions, which have been helping me massively.  When a life changing event happens it is very easy to hide or push aside how it has really affected you.  And during my visit to Australia I was distracted from how I really felt.  If I am honest I felt nothing, I blocked everything and everyone out, preventing any emotion or connection.  However upon returning back to the UK I decided it was time to face the situation head on and deal with it properly so I could use it as something to drive me forward and to inspire me to do more with my life.   I am hopeful that there are many good things to come in the near future for me.

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