Time.  The one thing in our lives we all think we have plenty of.  How often do you hear people say “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “I’m not ready for that yet”.  People try to delay things in their lives because they think there will always be time, there will always be tomorrow.  When in truth there is not such thing as the right time, the present moment we are in now is all we have.

Think of it like this.  You have just had a conversation with someone whom deep down you really do care about, but what you have said to them is something you would not want to have said to you.  You have argued with them, or said things that maybe one day you will regret.  This could be the last conversation you ever have with them, would you be happy with what you said?  We all think there will be tomorrow, when tomorrow is not certain.  Be kind to everyone you meet, and don’t say anything to anyone you wouldn’t want to hear back. kindness is not weakness, but allowing someone to let you believe that is.

Just remember time really is of the essence, think about who you spend it with, or who you don’t spend enough of it with.  Time should be spent with those who love and care for you, with those who better you as a person and make you feel more alive.

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