Albany, Western Australia

I have been in Scarborough for a few months now and have not had many adventures since the Road trip from Cobar.  I purchased a car not long ago and I was itching to get on the road and see what WA had to offer!  It is technically winter in Western Australia at the moment therefore the weather is not at it’s best however its not quite a British winter thats for sure.

I have been given rave reviews about Albany and it’s surrounding suburbs so I decided to leave Scarborough for the weekend and set off on my first solo, yes SOLO, road trip 5 hours south of Perth.  Being my first ever adventure alone, I was a little nervous and was greatly out of my comfort zone, however once I was driving along the country roads I suddenly had a wave of happiness come over me.  Kelly a year ago would never have done this, travelling alone would just never have been something I would have dreamed of doing.  I had a moment of reflection and felt extremely proud of myself and how far I have come in the last year.  I have pushed myself to do things I never thought I would have the confidence to do.  Now I was doing them !  Although the journey was 5 hours it seemed to fly by.  Three hours in I stopped in a small country town called Kojonup stretched my legs, topped up the fuel tank and got back on the road again.  At around midday I arrived in the stunning town of Albany Western Australia.  I checked in to my hotel and was extremely keen to have a little power nap, however I decided I could not waste time, I had to go out and explore!  Seeing as I only had the afternoon I didn’t venture out too far, however I managed to visit some pretty amazing sights.

Torndirrup National Park

The views just driving into this national park were insane, just truly stunning, breathtaking even.  There are a few different places to visit within Torndirrup national park.  The first I visited was The Gap and Natural Bridge,  seeing as it was a Friday and most people were at work, there was not too many other tourists around which was perfect for those like me wanting to take photos and explore a little.  Just a little fact for you all this National Park is the most visited in WA with approximately 250,000 visitors per year!

I think by looking at the photos you will agree this place is just stunning!

Valley of the Giants


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