Road Trip: Great Ocean Road

After spending a few days exploring Melbourne we got back in the VW and began to make our way along the stunning Great Ocean Road.  So many people have told me how stunning the great ocean road was and once we began driving it I could see what all of the fuss was about.  Every single part of the drive allowed us to see some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches I have ever seen!

Points of interest and places we stopped to have a look around and take a few photos.

Apollo Bay pretty much situated at the start of the Great Ocean Road.  It was pretty early in the day when we reached this point however we still managed to get a few good beach shots.  Unfortunately my Iphone camera does not show the true beauty of this place, or anywhere along the great ocean road if I am honest!  If you ever get the chance to travel this beautiful road then do it, trust me if you love beaches, the sea and out of this world views you need to take this trip!





Glenaire was where we chose to stop next.  There was a great little lookout where you could see for miles down the coastline, however if you look back you were surrounded by rolling hills.  Such contrasting views but so pleasing to the eye.


12 Apostles probably one of the most well known and iconic places to visit when travelling the Great Ocean Road,  and after seeing it first hand I can completely understand why people from all over the world come to see this stunning sight.  So, how were the 12 Apostles formed?  They were formed by erosion and the weather conditions of the Southern Ocean, over time the limestone formed caves in the cliffside which then became arches, these eventually collapsed which left rock stacks some of which are up to 50 metres high.  However although they are still referred to as the 12 Apostles there are actually only 8 remaining, due to ongoing erosion and weathering.




And of course we couldn’t leave the Great Ocean Road without first getting one of these bumper stickers!  I mean nothing says backpackers like a good bumper sticker from each place you visit.

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