Road Trip: Grampians Three Peaks

3 days, 36.6km, aching legs, a few kangeroos, insane views!


For some insane reason Evelina and I decided to to hike for three days across the Grampians Mountain Range in Victoria.  The national park has recently put together a three day hike that covers a vast area of the mountain range, therefore seeing as we had never hiked in our lives before we decided to give it a go!

Day 1 – Halls Gap to Bugiga Hikers Camp (8.6km – 6 Hours)                                                After spending the night in Jimmy Creek camp ground we drove to Halls Gap car park which is the start of the hike.  Bags on our back car left behind we began a ascent to Bugiga Hikers Camp.  Now 8.6km does not seem like the longest walk ever but when you have your life for the next three days on your back it sure seems a lot longer.  About 20 minutes into the climb I was beginning to feel like this wasn’t such a good idea.  My bag weighed a tonne and I was seriously contemplating why an earth I decided to attempt to do such things!  However as we got further into day 1 of the hike, the views began to explain to me exactly why I was doing this.  reaching the peak of the Pinnacle lookout made the first three hours walking so worth while.  From the top you could see for miles! With views of Mt William, Halls Gap and Fyans Valley.




After taking in the breathtaking views we began the ascent down to Bugiga Hikers camp for our first nights stay in the Grampians.  Going down was definitely just as physically demanding as going up, and when I finally saw the sign for the campsite in the distance I was extremely pleased!  But the views from our campsite certainly made the 5 hours of walking worthwhile, I mean it’s not like you see views like this every day.  As the night fell the sky was lit by the moon and hundreds of stars,  I wish I could have captured it on camera as it was truly magical to lay and witness.



Day 2: Bugiga Hikers Camp to Borough Huts (13.8km – 6 Hours)                                        The morning view at Bugiga Camp was a real treat, cooking breakfast and being surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views of the Grampians.  After packing up all of our belongings and the tent, we began the second day of the hike.  By this point my body was asking me why I was even attempting to walk another day.  My whole body ached and my backpack was beginning to rub on my hips, along with my walking shoes rubbing on my feet.  As the day drew to a close I was wondering whether or not we were actually going to reach Borough huts, the trail seemed to be never ending.  After 6 hours of walking we finally reached the campsite.  But constructing a tent when you have been walking so long is certainly not an easy task.  Before even attempting to do such things Evelina and I sat and rested our aching bodies before we realised the tent was not going to go up by itself!  During the night the temperature dropped and I think it was fair to say I had the worst nights sleep I have ever had.



Day 3 Borough Huts to Halls Gap (14km – 3 Hours)                                                                    Waking up from the most uncomfortable sleep ever, Evelina and I decided to leave all of our belongings and backpacks in the tent and walk with just water and our phones.  By this point even walking without a backpack was a struggle, and I certainly do not think we would have completed the last days hike with them on our backs.  Although the altitude of the final day was a lot less than the other two the terrain was a lot looser and steeper, and we began to tire a lot easier.  Although not having our bags meant that we walked the 14km in approx 3 hours!  When we finally reached the bottom seeing the car was such a relief!  No more walking!

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  1. You have a lot of stamina kelly , proud of you ,you both look fit and healthy, better than a work out at the gym, and still smirking,xx


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