Scared to be lonely

So many of us go through our lives trying to look for ‘the one’.  That being one person on the whole earth who will solely just want you and only you for as long as you both shall live.  But what if we are not meant to live our lives just with one person?  Being with one person means there are limits and boundries therefore you are not truly free.  No one person in the world can give you happiness.  They can present you with acts of kindness that then makes you feel happy and content.  But true happiness is self made.  Not given from someone else but by your own self, experiencing life to the fullest and not relying on anyone else to lure you into a false sense of happiness but for you to find it yourself.

That then leads me back to the question is there actually such thing as ‘the one’?  Maybe we are not meant to spend our lives with just one person.  Doing so means our minds are no longer stimulated and we then settle.  Therefore not progressing in our lives.  Different people can provide us with different thoughts and life outlooks.  Being open to this could lead to spectacular things.  Lets say for example someone walks into your life and guides you or put thoughts into your mind that you never had before.  Your life and the way you live it is then altered.  You could then meet someone else who provides you with something that the last person didn’t or couldn’t.  This then means you have knowledge and life experience from not one but two different people and your experiences and thoughts can then be passed to the next person you meet in your life.  Therefore meaning you are constantly enriching the lives of others because you have taken the time to get to know numerous people on a much deeper level than most people that cross their path.  When you spend your life with one person you are essentially blocking this from happening as you are lead to believe that you should only know one person on such a level.  However this then prevents your from broadening your life outlook, you are essentially living your life in a bubble which you feel safe in, boundries and comfort zones are not tested.

Don’t get me wrong some people are happy to lead their lives with one person and do not seek anything further.  However since my relationship with my ex partner ended I have had a lot of time to really analyse the relationship and think about what I taught him in life and visa versa.  We were with each other for a long time yes, and at that moment in time I was lead to believe that one person could make me happy.  However due to such an event happening I have been opened up to so many new and different opportunities.  One being given the chance to travel the world, no ties, nobody to have to answer to.  The other being able to meet so many new and interesting people that I would never have been able to meet had I had been at home and settled.  Every single person I have met on my travels especially have all taught me something about myself or the way I lead my life.  Some of them have even changed my perspective on life completely, and for that I am grateful.

So if you, like me are scared to be lonely and are looking for ‘the one’ . Maybe you are not meant to find him or her, and maybe it’s not meant to last forever.  You could just be a stepping stone in someone else’s path, but there will always be a reason you are that and they will be thankful for it.

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