15,000 feet Above the clouds

Would you jump from a small plane at 15,000 feet?  Crazy as it sounds that is exactly what three friends and I done recently during a trip to Hunter valley.  If you would have said to me this time last year I would be jumping from a plane with a complete stranger strapped to my back, I would have most likely laughed.  But there I was getting all suited and booted to do one of the things I never ever thought I would have the courage to do.

Seated in the back of the car driving to the airfield everyone was completely silent, obviously all contemplating whether this was a wise life choice we were all about to make.  As we pulled up in the car park, I looked at the plane that would be taking us to 15,00 and the thought of being in that itself was a worry for me.  It was tiny!  Must have only seated 8 passengers tops!  We all headed up to the check in area, where we were given a short briefing of what was going to happen when we were in the air, then our instructors put our harness on, fastened it all up for us and before you know it we were walking out onto the airfield boarding the smallest aircraft ever wondering if we were ever going to see our parents again!  As the plan ascended my nerves actually began to lower slightly, not sure if that was because I just didn’t want to think about what was about to happen.  Soon the time came when the plane had reached 15,000 feet and the side door was opened.  At this point I just remember thinking to myself this is not normal, that door should certainly be closed.  From that point on everything happened so quickly and we were dropping out of the plane like flies.  Before I knew it I had my legs hanging off the edge of the plane my head was tilted back and within seconds I was free falling with a complete stranger strapped to my back giving him full control over my life!  Funny as it may sound as soon as I was out of the plane I felt surprisingly safe.  I was plumiting to the ground at 200kmph but was having the time of my life.  I felt as free as I had ever felt, completely elated and proud of myself for doing such a thing.  Jumping out of a plane was ever something on my list of things to accomplish in life but now I was actually doing it and it felt amazing!  The free fall seemed to be over way too quickly and all of a sudden the parachute was up and I was short for breath as it whipped me back a little, making me struggle to catch my breath.  Once the parachute was fully up I was able to fully begin to appreciate the view that was before my eyes.  Looking around was pretty scary but I knew I may never have this chance to see the world from this perspective ever again.  I had to take it all in whilst I had the chance.  The feeling felt very much like floating in a swimming pool except I was floating in the sky.  The lead up to landing made me feel a little nauseous as there were a lot of turns involved and I was worried the landing would be rough but it was surprisingly smooth.  But as soon as I stood up I wanted to do it all over again!  I felt on top of the world, the happiest I had felt in ages.

Here are a few crazy photos and videos from the day.

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