Saying goodbye to people you love is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Knowing you will not see or touch someone for a long period of time is something I have never had to deal with before. Leaving my family on Saturday was such a surreal feeling and it did not quite feel like I was not going to see them for a fair while. Maybe I just didn’t want to focus on that feeling just yet. As I said goodbye to them as they got in their taxi to the airport for their Christmas holiday I walked back into my family home and felt a little lost, this was it I was truly on my own now.

So departure day came around so quickly and I don’t think there would be anything that could have prepared me for it. I had my rucksack packed, passport in hand and was ready to make my way to Bangkok with my new travel buddy! Although I soon come to realise carrying a rather large backpack with me at all times was not going to be easy. Throwing it over my shoulder was something I am certainly going to need practice with! I am certainly not a natural! Raring to go we arrived at Stansted airport within good time for our initial departure time. However our flight was delayed! Therefore meaning we had plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and relax inside the airport lounge.

Once we had boarded our connecting flight from Cologne to Bangkok it all started to feel very real. I was sitting on a plane to Bangkok and I didn’t have a return flight booked back to London. The feeling of the Unknown was somewhat odd, but exciting at the same time. A close friend once told me that nerves are the bodies way of telling you that something extraordinary is about to happen. And I guess that is true.

After near enough a full 24 hours of travelling we arrived at our hotel in Bangkok. Upon arriving at the airport everything was quite overwhelming. I had stepped foot into a country I had never been before, where people spoke very little English and I was the minority. Our free shuttle service picked us up from the airport and drove us to our home for the next two nights, the Floral Shire Hotel at Bangkok airport. It certainly is a far cry from the usual 5 star luxury I am used to, but it is clean. Upon approaching the hotel we drove down some side streets that were paved with small Thai eateries and stalls with locals selling merchandise to tourists. It was certainly a culture shock to me having not been to this area of the world before, but I was ready to embrace it.

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