Great Things Lie Ahead 8/12/17

So today was the end of a huge chapter in my life. A house that I had lived in for over 3 years and had spent so many happy memories  in was no longer my home. The man I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with  saw me for the last time and suddenly it felt as though we had come full circle.  Standing there in the empty shell of a house we used to call our home. A place we had worked so hard to achieve was now no longer ours. The feeling was some what difficult to comprehend, however we both looked at each other and smiled. Memories to the day we first stepped foot in that house come flooding back to us, back when we were happy and excited for what our future as a couple had in store for us. Except this time we were saying our goodbyes. Although one feeling hadn’t changed.  We were both looking forward to what the next chapter of our lives had in store for us. But not walking the same path anymore, walking two separate paths as individuals, with two very different dreams and aspirations.

Sometimes you have to look at certain life events and use them as a lesson, a chance to gain knowledge and become who we are today. Without struggle we will not become stronger. I mean if someone asked me this time last year where I would see myself now, it would not be here that’s for sure. However the universe always has its ways of putting you onto the path you were destined for, even if you have been lead astray. Moving out of the house I used to call home was not an easy thing to do. However in order to move onwards with our lives we must let go of the past, not just mentally but physically too.  Letting go of objects and possessions that remind you of people or certain times in your life will help you to progress forwards. Once you have let go of the past the future is yours for the taking.  Opportunities will present themselves to you with ease and everything will fall into place.

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