Packing up

Before my adventures begin around the world.  I must pack up what I plan to leave behind, or dispose of the things I no longer need.  Looking around me everything within the house I still currently live in all holds precious memories.  From articles of clothing to books or souvenirs from holidays.  Every object I touch brings me back to a certain moment within my life up until where I am now.  For example I was going through some junk in a cupboard and came across an old pair of trousers that were covered in paint.  Holding them, I closed my eyes and I was instantly transported back to one of the happiest moments of my life.  The day I moved in to my very own house, everything I had ever wanted and dreamt of was now my reality. But in an instant I was brought back to the present.  I stood and gathered my thoughts for a while and began to wonder what happened.  Everything I had ever worked towards and achieved was there one minute and gone the next.  Over in the blink of an eye.  As I worked my way around the house sorting more belongings into different piles I began to realise all of the objects that stood before me all had memories attached to them. Past memories.  Without detaching myself from these objects I would find it difficult to move forward.  I therefore began to sort through a lot more thoroughly and I only kept what I really held dear to me. Everything else was put into two piles, one of which was given to the charity shop and the other was disposed of in a rubbish and recycling centre.  Detaching my feelings and emotions from certain items, especially those that reminded me of my ex, has helped me to move forward slightly.  All be it may be only slight, but it is still a step forward rather than back.

Throughout the boxing up and getting rid, I also come to realise that as humans living in a western world we are far too materialistic.  We own way too much, and it is often seen as the more goods you have, the richer you are.  However in my mind this is far from true.  You could have all of the money in the world, and still not be rich.  Leading a truly enriched life does not mean you have to have lots of money or belongings. A lot of the time it is people with millions that are unhappy and discontent with their lives. I have come to realise that material things mean nothing. I stood in the middle of my lounge and looked round at everything I owned all scattered out on the floor.  Some of the items were worth a bit of money but they didn’t make me happy.  I have learnt a lot about life over the last few months with one of the main things being, you need little possessions in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.  Think of it this way for example.  The more you own, the more you have to worry about, as there is always a chance it could get stolen or you will need to fix it.  Therefore meaning you could potentially loose money replacing it or fixing it.  However if you didn’t own the item in the first place you wouldn’t have to worry about it.  The less you own the less there is too worry about.  There is nothing to replace or fix, therefore the worry is diminished. I guess the phrase ‘less is more’ really is something to go by.

If you take anything from this post,  just remember that money does not buy you true happiness.  True happiness comes from within yourself and others around you. So next time you go to purchase something, think to yourself.  Do I need this? Is it really going to make me happy? Will it add fulfilment and knowledge to my life?  Chances are whatever it is you are about to purchase will do none of the above. Leading a low key, minimalistic life means you can lower your worries and stress.

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  1. Hi Kelly I have just read your post .and I totally agree with you.since i hav e been on my spiritual pathway I have come to realise that it’s the people and experiences in your life that really add to your well-being and son who is 26 went through a similar experience to you .Had his heart broken and went through a dark time .But with me and his family helping him to focus positively and see that his past trauma was a learning curve for him and he has come out the other side much stronger and wiser.and like you he is off traveling. Not only to see the world .Most most importantly to truly find himself .his bless to you my darling and have a wonderful journey x


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