Going Forward

When something horrific happens in your life, you automatically start to question whether it was you that caused it to happen. Of course that is the natural thing to do, and everyone does it. However when a major life changing event happens to us, there are two ways you can deal with it. One, sit and dwell wondering what if, or two looking at the scenario as a blessing that has been sent to you to show you harshly that you are walking the wrong path. Don’t get me wrong the easier option is to sit and dwell as it takes little to no will power and strength, whereas trying to keep positive can be extremely difficult as the event that has happened will always be at the back of your mind in all that you now do in your daily life. The strength shows when you try to
make that thought in your mind as small as possible and in doing so eventually it will leave your mind all together leaving you at total peace and harmony with yourself and surroundings. If I have learnt anything about life recently is that it is way too short. Sounds cliché but it is so so true. We live our lives in our own little bubble day in, day out. Not often venturing out of it, not often reaching out of our comfort zone. But why? At lot of people would probably answer because life gets in the way, and I used to say that myself. But when you really sit to think about that response, how does life get in your way? Life should not be something we take for granted or consider it as getting in the way. As far as we are aware we only walk the earth we see before us today once. There are no second chances or re runs. So if we look at it this way for example. If you could only take your driving test once, there were no second chances. If you failed you could never drive a car. What would you do? Well I am sure you would educate yourself to a point where you knew there would be no room for failure. You would ensure you knew everything you possibly could in order to succeed. The same concept should be applied to life. Everyday you walk the earth should be seen as a chance for you to better yourself and educate your mind to a higher level. Not a lot of us do this. Whether it is an unconscious life lesson that is not learnt from or you are not taking the time too educate yourself further, you should be doing this to become the best version of yourself you possibly can. I know first hand what it is like to live life within my own safe bubble. Constantly doing the same things day after day, talking to the same people day after day, eating the same food weekly and not looking outside. However recent events have thrown me out of that bubble so quickly and harshly I have had no choice but to accept change and embrace it. And although my journey of self exploration has merely just begun I have been so fortunate to have taken what the universe has put in front of me and used it to help educate myself and better myself further, hence preparing me for the future which lies ahead.

I used to hate socialising with people let alone complete strangers, however I have come to realise communication and relationships are everything and they really do make the world go round. The power to be able to speak to someone and listen to what they have to say is the highest form of self education in my opinion. We learn through experience and even listening to others experiences and thoughts can really benefit us if we listen well enough. I have recently been fortunate to speak to someone that is extremely well educated in life and relationship with others. And even just a 30 minute conversation with this person was enough to make me realise my life prior to such an event was not lived how it should have been. Strange to think someone who you have just met can have such an influence on your thought process and the way you proceed to live your life. A lot of people do not listen to others around them or even listen to what the universe itself is trying to tell them, they therefore fall into a dark space whereby they will continue to re live the same mistakes over and over until they open their eyes and actually learn from it. If you learn from the experience first time round, life will not present it to you again. The experience should be used as a stepping stone on to bigger and better things.

We often loose ourselves when we are in close relation with somebody and we can then forget who we really are because we are constantly trying to please everyone but ourselves. However someone once told me, if you compromise you may as well have admitted defeat. And if I really think about it, it is completely true. How often do you do something that you don’t really want to do, but you still end up doing it anyway? Probably more often than not. Why should we compromise? If you don’t want to do something don’t do it just to please someone else. Remain loyal to yourself and keep being you regardless of the scenario. We too often live our lives trying to please everyone and never once stop to think about pleasing ourselves.

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  1. I have been through a similar experience as you , but I was nearly. Twice your age ,it took me a long time to come to terms with what happened to me but I got through it and I found a life after every thing that happened , you will as well , you have a good head on your shoulders so always think for your self Don,t get talked into anything you know is not really what you want, I love you lots you have bought a lot of joy to my life , you will find your happy ever after I have no doubt of that keep smiling that beautiful smile,x


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